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Templates Helps Save Time on Creating Invoices, Proposals, Contracts, Floral Reciipes and Inquiry Form on floral software
Contracts, invoices, and proposals are an important part of your business.
But drafting them takes time away from that business.

Now you can:


with beautiful, customizable templates, pre-populated with all the essential elements you need.


from proposal to payment. Tailor our templates with your own branding so they act as a beautiful, visual representation of your business.


Contracts offer peace of mind for you and your clients – our templates make drafting them a breeze.

Trust Us To Take Care Of Your Business Needs.

Having Mulitple Contract Templates For Weddinig Professionals Can Be Used and Stored in One Place True Client Pro

Save valuable time by creating custom contract templates for all your service

Create as many contract templates as necessary to accommodate your different services. Whether for a new or existing project, you can streamline the contract process and save valuable time with our versatile feature.

Create stunning proposals in minutes with fully customizable templates

Design gorgeous, client-winning proposals quickly and easily from multiple proposal templates. They’re completely customizable with your logo and colors, so your clients get the perfect introduction to your message, brand, and attention to detail right from the start. Acceptance is quick and easy with in-platform on-document e-signing.
Floral Proposal Templates Layout For Florist On Floral Software
Lead Inquiry Form Saves Florist Planners and Venue Owners Times On CRM for Wedding Planners

Lead Forms
Accept unlimited inquiries and save time with automation

Custom-create lead forms and place them on your website to capture prospective clients’ details in real-time, at the very place they’re actively looking for help. Easy to do, with no coding or web design skills required.

Floral Recipes
Unlock the secret to time saving floral arrangements to increase profit

Our floral recipe templates, available in the software for the florist library, can help you save time, increase productivity, and boost your profits. Create and store your favorite floral recipes, or choose from our extensive pre-populated library, curated by our founder and long-time wedding florist. With easy digital access to all your recipe templates, you can quickly create new recipes for yourself and your team.
Software For Florists Helps Event And Wedding Florists Saves Time With Floral Recipes And Helps Create Proposals Faster

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