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Email is great, but as a real-time communication medium, it’s a little limited. Our digital gateway streamlines client communication, reduces friction, and eliminates the frustration of juggling multiple engagement channels.

Trust True Client Pro to help you with:

Guest Seating Details

After the bridal couple, the guests are the most important part of any wedding. Keep essential details such as seating plans, food preferences or allergies, and relationship titles in one, easy-to-access online location.


A visual map giving you a detailed schedule of all the details and tasks still needing to be completed. Get a birds-eye view of your event and know where everything is and when everything needs to be completed. Save time by not having to sort through endless correspondence to confirm arrangements.
Wedding planning schedule project tool
Vendor management tool for wedding planners

Design Collaboration

Your personal, digital vision board where you can save and store inspirational images, colors, designs and more as you see them while browsing online. With everything in one place, sharing ideas just got so much faster and simpler!

Now you can:


and know exactly what needs to be done, by whom, and by when. Keep track of deadlines so nothing is overlooked.


that everything is covered, and nothing is left to chance. Have complete peace of mind and 360 visibility into task completion and areas of responsibility.


with everything in one place. All checklists, correspondence and other important details are quick and easy to access by authorized people in your team at any time.

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