Cancellation Policy

At True Client Pro, we value our customers and want them to have an amazing experience using our platform. If you wish to cancel your account, please login to your account under settings and click on unsubscribe. We do not accept phone or email cancellations.

True Client Pro membership renews automatically until cancelled by an account holder. Refunds are not provided for partial month subscriptions – accounts will cancel at the end of the cancelled month. For annual plan holders, refunds will only be given for cancellations within 10 days of sign up.

We recommend adding your sign-up date to your calendar so you can cancel before automatic renewal takes effect and you are not charged.

If you choose to cancel your account, we are happy to keep your account active for a period of three months from the date of cancellation. You will not be able to add new projects, clients, etc. After the three-month period, we reserve the right to delete your account and all the information associated with it.

For free trial users, please cancel your account before the trial ends or you will be automatically charged.