Making Your Admin Made Easy!

True Client Pro, Florist go to software helps florist like you run your business more efficiently so you can have time for creativity and family. 

Do less flower math, scroll emails, waste precious time looking for inspirational images, respond to text messages, chase payments, and constantly fill in your team and piecemeal information between software.

Florist CRM Helps Floral Designers Manage Their Administrative Task By Automating All Operations In One Place

With Our Platform, You Can Easily…

Get Paid Faster.

Keeps all templates & documents in one place.

Increase productivity and profit by removing information silos.

Give team members role appropriate login at no additional cost.

Ready To Take Control Of Your Events?
Florist and event professionals like you trust us to
maximize their productivity and profit margins!

Online Invoicing With Custom Payment Plan With Auto Reminders To Get Paid On Time

Quick, simple, and easy-to-create Invoices are accessible on any device to get paid faster.

Receive payments effortlessly with auto payment reminders. Share links to a payment processor, send out contracts with payment links, close leads faster, and get paid right away.

Make data-driven business decisions with our Financial Reports

Effortlessly track your gross sales to stay on top of your financial goals. We will keep track of each payment including the total amount, tax, discounts, and fees so you can better understand and analyze your financials.
Florist Accounting Software Business Financial Reports Flower Math Easy
Flower Design Software With Lead Capture Form

Streamline your customer communication with our Inquiry Form

Capture leads and convert them into clients with our customizable lead capture form. Simply add a link to your website, no web design or coding is required. Easily follow up with your leads with our personalized automated emails. True Client Pro helps you stay on top of new inquiries with easy-to-implement automation.

Simplify your payment process with our Online Payment Processing

Automate your online payments with Stripe or Square. No more reminding clients of an unpaid invoice. Our built-in automation will send up to 3 reminders on each payment. Our goal is to get you paid faster. Create the payment schedule with the date and amount and let True Client Pro take care of the rest. If you do not use online payments, no problem! We’ve implemented features where you can easily record your payments and keep everything all in one place.
Florist Online Payment Automated On Floral Management Software
Automated Emails CRM For Florist in Floral Management Software

Centralized Email Communication Easily track all emails with your clients and staff and save time

We ensure you don't have to type each email to your clients for the 100th time to save time and leave room for creativity. Turn on the email you customized to your brand voice for repetitive communication and leave personalized touch in one place under chat via the True Client Pro portal. Send out your floral orders with our outgoing email feature!

I have a better system for my My Clients and My Inquires

True Client Pro has helped my business a lot. I now have a better system for my clients and inquiries. As a virtual assistance I have found a way to utilize all the features provided and it is amazing. The best part is... it's branded to my business. True Client Pro helped my business grow! My business is now automated! The proposal is an amazing tool I never used until I tried True Client Pro. I like the projected payment area, where the client can see the payment plan.
Clients And Inquiries Are Automated With True Client Pro

With True Client Pro Now You Can


Implement easy-to-use invoicing, payment, bookkeeping, and online payment processing tools.


Minimize the risk of human error with a professional, flexible, and easy-to-use documentation system.


Generate reports in seconds and keep all project and payment details in one convenient place.

"I am amazed at how well this program can grow with your business
as well as help you to grow your business."

Streamline and Simplify Your Business

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