Client Testimonials

"I am amazed at how well this program can grow with your business as well as help you to grow your business."

I have a flower arrangement business while my friend organizes and plans weddings. We both use True Client Pro and it has helped us grow our start-up side businesses into fully realized sources of income. We've been using True Client Pro for the past year and it has helped us anywhere from managing our contacts to setting up proposals and even generating reports. We highly recommend this for anyone looking to up their business game this year!
My overall experience has been good, especially with Mayuri and her team. They have all been very helpful and have really taken care of any of the things that come up for us. The software itself has helped us keep everything in one place as I was looking for from the beginning. So all in all, it has been a positive transition.
True Client Pro has improved my workflow dramatically and has improved the way I provide services to my clients. The software is flexible to customize to my needs, and it is a great value for the money. The customer service is amazing. They're growing and constantly improving.
Alona M
Automation, systems, pricing, proposal writing, emails, chat experience with True Client Pro has been top-notch! As a lover of systems that make my doing my business easier, so I can get back time at my design table (my first love!), True Client Pro is one of my favorite pieces of software. It's my go-to for all things putting together an event. Efficiency and profitability are my two key elements when looking for a software to use in my business.
We've really enjoyed using True Client Pro. The Owner, Mayuri, is very hands-on and offers weekly office hours and free mini-classes. We've had very positive experiences with tech issues and customer support. I easily halved the number of emails I receive on a weekly basis simply by having a front-end portal for our couples and much less confusion since we're seeing the same things in real-time 🙂
True Client Pro has saved us so much time! Once you create a custom floral proposal you can share with the clients, you can easily add your recipes for the design and True Client Pro basically does the rest! Floral and supply orders, reports, pull lists, etc... Anyone on my team can log in and see what needs to be done on any given day or answer questions that clients post in the Client/Staff Chat. The clients themselves can make changes as necessary and you can just approve or deny the request! The client can also add their own inspirational photos as well as links to Pinterest boards, their wedding hashtags, other vendors they will be using and so many other little details that really help pull the entire event together! The more details you have, the better you can create for that event!
Kylie, Lydia and Linda
I love being able to upload clients and leads from a spreadsheet. This platform allows me to manage my contracts, orders and communicate with my team all in one place and from any location. This product offers more features than most. It's a great value and the master data is customizable to my needs.
The Owner, Mayuri, has been incredibly available and helpful! The onboarding was fairly straightforward. There are a couple of kinks that got worked out, but overall our clients seem good with using it! I like how easy it was to pick up after the initial learning curve. I LOVE that I can integrate Square and send payment reminders to clients easily. Clients love that they can sign their contracts online. It's wonderful having a forward-facing portal so that clients feel like they have access and control and I love not getting emails about the same question a bunch of times!
This product is not difficult to use, it has provided my company with more features than I expected. There are things within this software that I did not consider previously as necessary for my business, however, once I began learning and using the software I was amazed at how well it will help now and in the future with my business, this program can grow with your business as well as help you to grow your business.
As a virtual assistant, I have used True Client Pro with one of my clients who is a wedding planner. It has been a great resource as our first CRM. Mayuri and the entire TCP team are wonderful to work with and always willing to help with any questions. They have incredible customer service and answer questions thoroughly and expediently which is a huge selling point to me. As a newer CRM, they are also continually evolving and improving the program and I have seen that firsthand working in TCP. Thank you to Mayuri and the entire TCP team! You are a joy to work with!
I really appreciated how attentive and serving Mayuri and her team were for the customer experience. She was always available and willing to answer any questions I or my VA had.
I have really enjoyed using this software and I truly think it will benefit my business. I really enjoyed how customizable this software is. Branding is so important and I felt like I had everything I needed at my fingertips in order to truly create the perfect platform for my business. Being able to automate so many tedious day-to-day tasks is also a huge win. Saving time = saving money!
True Client Pro has helped my business a lot. I now have a better system for my clients and my inquiries. As a virtual assistant, I have found a way to utilize all the features provided and it is amazing. The best part is... it's branded to my business. True Client Pro has helped my business grow! My business is now automated! The proposals is an amazing tool I never used until I tried True Client Pro. I like the projected payment area, where the clients can see their payment plan.
I recommend and implement True Client Pro for my mentees who are in event design and it has proven to save time, keep them organized, represent their business professionally, and manage clients with little difficulty. My favorite feature is the inventory management and photo gallery. This makes creating a proposal a breeze once you've completed the initial set-up process.
Abeki Carter
I always had trouble with giving my clients quotes. I always cut myself short. My experience with True Client Pro has been great. It has given me more confidence in my quotes and proposals. I wish I had done this sooner. This software is absolutely fantastic. It is so easy to work with. I highly recommend

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