Clear Client Communication

Connect with your team, clients, and vendors in real-time and run your business seamlessly from wherever you are. Ditch the email scrolls to get information, back-and-forth text messages, and unnecessary meetings while keeping a record of all the communication in one place.

Email is great, but as a real-time communication medium, it’s a little limited. Our digital gateway streamlines client communication, reduces friction, and eliminates the frustration of juggling multiple engagement channels.

Now you can:


by connecting colleagues, clients, and partners in one central location. Now everyone can share information anytime, anywhere.


with real-time activity updates and project progress management. Set deadlines and monitor project updates for multiple events, wherever you are.


with a customizable portal that reflects and reinforces your unique brand identity with every document shared or message posted.

Trust us to take care of:

Floral Software Client Login Portal

Client Portal

Client Portals provide an enhanced customer experience, allowing clients to easily access and sign documents, make payments, and fill out forms. In addition, they can share and receive documents, collaborate on timeline and budget tracking, add photos, and request changes.

Collaboration Never Has Been Easier

Collaborate with your clients on a digital vision board with images, links, and files to reduce mindless searching for insiprational images client shares and your portfolio images to share with clients; no more diving in Dropbox, desktop, or your phone and waste your time. With everything in one place, sharing ideas got much faster and simpler!
Client Portal Allows Client Share Images Files Messages

Client Chat

Communicate with your team and clients, speed up approvals and increase client involvement directly from within the portal. No more wading through a million and one email threads! Now you can communicate more quickly, with less headache.

Team Collobration

Finally, a place where the entire team comes together to communicate in one place that is accessible to all in real-time, saving you money, time, and chaos. Keep records of all communications, task assignments, and team progress all in one place. There is no need for you or the team to remember details in their mind, write things down on sticky notes, or have unnecessary debriefing meetings to run your floral business smoothly.
Team Collaboration Creates Better Client Experience Efficiency Saves Time Money
Vendor Collaboration Via Email From All In One Software Solution

Send Customized Emails To Vendors

Send the floral wholesaler flower order details after accurately calculating the floral recipes you curate with details of every stem that is counted with stemcounter. Ask the photographer for the photos, send in COI to the Wedding Planner or Wedding Venue, and record it all in one place.

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