Teamwork Makes the Dream Work​

Enjoy real-time communication with all members of your team, delegate and monitor tasks, and ensure everyone is kept on track and in the loop.

Weddings – even the small ones – are big projects. There is always an infinite number of details, tasks, and responsibilities to stay on top of – both leading up to the event and on the special day itself.

Having a well-managed, well-organized team is the most efficient and stress-free way to work – as long as that team knows exactly what each member needs to do, and by when, to ensure your client’s big day comes together flawlessly.

Now you can:


with all your team members, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Always have your finger on the pulse of the project and get feedback, answers and updates as often as you need them.


as you coordinate and manage your team from one central platform, and manage confidentiality with individual access to different projects.


knowing your team is always just a couple of clicks away, that all tasks are monitored within the portal, and that your team is working as one cohesive unit.

Trust True Client Pro to help you with:

Floral Designer Team Communication On Software

Team Communication

This is multi-person communication made easy. Now you can chat or message members of your team – individually or as a group – directly from the portal. No more juggling between multiple chat apps and emails trying to find important communication threads.

Task Delegation

Team management to the max! Assign tasks to members of your team, and keep track of their progress in real time, all from one place. Now you have complete visibility and clarity on every task and can immediately see what still needs to be done. No need for third-party apps or additional project management programs.
Task Delegation To Floral Design Team Member In One Place
Unlimited Seats For Team Members Makes Team Access Easy

Team Access

Protect sensitive or confidential client information using varied access permissions. Choose who has access to which project or grant group access to your entire team. Completely customizable – adding or removing people and/or access is quick and simple at no additional cost.

Production Reports

Floral business owner increases their efficiency and streamlines collaboration between client and team. They can save money while growing their business with various production reports such as floral design worksheets, pull lists, executive summaries, and more.
Florist Business Owner Trains Team With Floral Design Worksheet

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