Have You Made Your Annual Revenue Goals?

annual revenue goals

Now that we are winding down to the end of 2021, it’s time to crack open the books and assess how we did. With Covid-19 still having an impact on the wedding industry, were you able to achieve your goals this year? One way to analyze this is to look at the goals that you set for business each quarter. 

Generally, the wedding season usually ranges from April to October. Have you set up your business to account for the yearly calendar and your fiscal year? Here are some tips to help you reflect on the past year, but to help you plan for the upcoming year: 

  • Managing Monthly Leads – How did I manage my leads monthly? Were there months that I had more leads than others? How did I track where these leads came from? How many leads did not book with me? Are there months where you are converting leads more than others?  These are important questions to ask yourself so that you can plan accordingly. For example, if you found that many of your leads came from one of your social media accounts, you then should plan to spend more time on that particular lead generation since that is where many of your leads are coming from. When analyzing how many leads came in versus how many booked or didn’t book, I want to be able to track why. The feedback on why a client may choose not to book with you may inform how you adjust your business to have a higher conversion rate.
  • Responding to Leads in a Timely Manner – Did I respond to my leads in a timely manner? How long does it take for a prospective client to hear from me once they’ve filled out my contact form? Do I have an easy process for clients to book a consultation call? Do I have an automated email to send to clients if I am away to ensure they receive a response? Analyzing my pipeline – how long does it take someone to book with you?  Responding to leads in a timely manner has a direct impact on revenue goals. If clients don’t hear back from you in a timely manner, you may have just lost an inquiry. Many people that are planning their wedding want to book their vendors as soon as possible and you want to ensure that you are still in the forefront of your clients minds as they are going through this process. The more simplified and automated this process is- the better. We want to make this seamless for our clients to book a consultation and follow- up with them.
  • Meeting My Financial Goals – Can I compare my monthly totals? Since the wedding season doesn’t account for the entire year, how can I plan accordingly? How can you scale your income and minimize losses?  These are important questions to ask yourself as you are analyzing your reports for the year. You want to have a system in place where you can easily track your monthly leads, cash flow, lead source report and what your trend looks like for the coming year.

This is where True Client Pro comes in. True Client Pro is a CRM system built for those in the wedding industry to keep track of the important things in their business so that you can spend more time servicing your clients. What makes this CRM stand out from the rest is that it is built for you to not only keep track of revenue in your business but allows you to see where the gaps are in order for you to improve and scale your business. Here are some of the reports that you can access from True Client Pro: 

  • Lead Source report- Know how many inquiries, came in, how many leads turned into clients, lost leads 
  • Yearly and monthly income reports- keep track of your goals on your gross sales 
  • Payment Reports  know the details of all payments, date, amount, how it was paid, how much tax is collected on the project, what kind of fees were charged etc. 

True Client Pro is the kind of business management solution that not only simplifies and streamlines every part of your operation, but is also easy to understand and intuitive to use. The best way that you can reach your revenue goals with your business is to make True Client Pro a part of your business. 

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