Designing Floral Bouquet Process For A Florist

Designing a floral bouquet process for a florist can differ for all floral entrepreneurs. Still, the basics stay the same—the intake process to execute the design and deliver the bouquet to the client.

Start Designing a Floral Bouquet With the Lead’s Details

How can you start the process when the client says I am getting married in 2024 and at the New York Country Club, can you tell me how much it will be? It is only possible by getting more information.
True Client Pro Floral Software understands that it is more complex. You need to gather or extract that information from your client; with that, there is a lead that only moves to the next process of designing a floral bouquet and giving them a proposal.

Here is what you need to gather the details

  • A robust, no code required lead captured form that you can embed with a link on your website
  • Capture the initial information such as who, what, where, when, and their information, But the process should continue beyond there.
  • True Client Pro (Floral Proposal Software)’s automation continues to gather information by reminding your client to share more details with you.
  • Creating workflow so the system reminds you to follow up with the lead without slipping through the cracks when your 2024 inquiries are coming in abundance.

The Next Step In Designing a Floral Bouquet Process Is Understanding the Client’s Vision

You must understand your client’s wedding vision and identify what you need to start designing the floral bouquet. The next step is to gather the color, elements, and style by looking at the images they may have shared with you via a Pinterest link or as an Insiprational board. You can do this on True Client Pro Floral Software with a dedicated space so you are not scrolling through the 20 email threads to find links or attachments or to find your work past designed floral bouquets to share with clients. It is a seamless process in All-in-one management CRM floral software.

Pinterest Link Photos All In One Place Floral Software
  • Favorite colors
  • Pinterest Link
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Google doc that they may have created for you
  • Style preferences
  • Photos they share to create a vision.
  • # of items that they need for the Floral Bouquet of their dream

With Your Creative, Floral Mind and Knowledge When It Combines All “Data” Designing Floral Boquet Process Has Started

A trained event florist’s mind immediately starts to combine colors, potential flowers, texture, and style and considers season to think about which flowers and hard goods they will use to create the floral bouquet. This design process helps you build your floral design board to make the floral recipe. You can do this in many ways.

  1. You can pull from your Digital Recipe Library from floral software.
  2. You can use a digital design board that pre-fills your flower choices.
  3. You can use your go-to choice of flower collection to add flowers from.
  4. You can manually search items by name.
Floral Recipes And Design Board For Florist

Use True Client Pro’s Advanced Color and Elements, which combines with a product library of flowers and hard goods to pre-populate the design board and then combine with templates of floral recipes for mechanics and add collections of flowers to it. With this process, you can create profitable recipes in under 5 minutes. Watch this video here.

Ensuring Your Floral Bouquet Process is Profitable

Creating and Designing a Floral Bouquet Process should lead you to a profitable floral recipe, but does everyone follow the formula? The greater question is, do you even know what to include in the floral recipe to be profitable and how to calculate it?

Here are 3 things to consider when designing a floral bouquet

  • Add all the flowers you will use, including something you foraged from your garden.
  • Add all the greens you will use, including something you foraged from your garden.
  • Adding any hard goods that you need to create the bouquet
  • Last but not least, the labor time it takes you to design the floral bouquet.

Finalize the Designed Bouquet With The Client, AKA Bride

Once you have created the concept for the floral bouquet, you can share it via Floral Proposal on Floral Software. Read more about what the Floral Proposal should include and how to create a floral proposal in under 45 minutes.

Once you have secured the lead and turned into a client via sharing the proposal, signing the contract digitally, getting reminders to have that final call with your client to finalize the design, and having that meeting on your calendar, here is what you can review with your client

  • The overall vision for the designed floral bouquet
  • The overall color of the bouquet
  • The overall types of flowers for the bouquet
  • The overall size of the conceptualized design for floral bouquet
  • The overall style, the theme of the bouquet

Discuss if the floral industry has any floral demand issues on a high level to let them know ahead of time that potential issues may occur and how you handle them. Here are a few great resources to follow the floral news and trends to stay up-to-date about the floral industry as an event florist, floral designer, freelancer, and wedding florist.

Order Flowers For the Event Florals As You Designed The Florals

Time to order the flowers once your client has confirmed the design and number of the needed floral bouquets. You can create your floral order in a few ways.

  • You can calculate the flower order manually with paper and pencil.
  • You can use the Google Excel sheet to calculate the flower order.
  • You can shop on-site by guessing what you need.
  • You can use True Client Pro’s digital summarized flower order feature and calculate the floral order to send to your wholesaler with one click.

Here is a list of some floral wholesalers to start with.

Process The Flowers For Hydration

Once you have done all the hard work, it is time to get the flowers in your floral workspace. For many of you, it can be a home-based floral studio, rented floral space at the wholesaler, co-working floral space, or having your own studio that you rent or own. You can process flowers efficiently with all the necessary equipment and tools, such as floral buckets, flower food, water, floral knife, floral chopper, garbage cans, or a way to compost the leaves.

There are many ways to process the flower for your upcoming designed floral bouquets. There are pros and cons about how to go about each one. On True Client Pro, our advanced reporting helps you share your preferred ways to process the flowers for you, your team, your untrained staff, and more.

  • You can do this by yourself.
  • You can have your staff do this for you.
  • You can hire part-time employees to help you with a task.

Once the flowers are hydrated and ready for design, the fun part of designing the floral bouquet process starts.

Prepare The Flowers Before Starting To Design

Remember, we talked about the labor; this is where it comes in, along with processing flowers.

Prepping flowers is the key to having a successful design that will be executed as your client envisioned and you proposed. This can be done ahead of time for time management.

  • Clean the flowers.
  • Have your tools all in one place.
  • Confirm all supplies that you are ordering and that they are all in your floral workspace.

Design and Final Touches Begin

Once the flowers are cleaned and prepped per your floral recipe, it is time to get your hands on flowers and start designing the floral bouquet of your client’s dream. Now, your creative florist juice starts to flow; this is why you became an entrepreneur and event florist and did not do the mundane admin work.

Designing the floral bouquet process is a breeze when you create profitable recipes.

Build In Time To Photograph Your Designed Floral Bouquet

When designing the wedding and event for your client as a florist, you owe it to yourself to capture the behind-the-scenes videos, photos, and, more importantly, the finished product. You can learn more about how to take photos of yourself here.

Pack For Transportation

Did you forget to add the material for packing the bouquet? Packing a bouquet for transportation after the long process is crucial, and the condition you deliver this to your bride is essential.

Floral Bouquet Packing For The Transportation

Hand Over Your Floral Masterpiece To Your Bride

That magic moment when the bride receives her bouquet and sees it for the first time, and tears roll down her eyes, or she jumps with joy is the moment you worked so hard for, and ultimately, that gets you glorious review, referral, and so you can repeat this process over and over again to make your profitable florist and allows you to scale your business.

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