COVID-19 Crisis: How CRMs Are Helping Businesses Continue to Function

Businesses all over the world are stepping up and doing what they can to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, and for many, their CRM is helping them do that in a big way.  It’s a big adjustment for everyone, but even in the wedding and event industry, a CRM can help reduce the effects of social distancing by putting more of the business processes online. 

Customer messages can be routed to the correct personnel, payments can be made, contracts produced, reviewed, and signed, and invoices sent out, all without stepping outside. 

Staying home is one of our best defenses against a highly contagious virus, which is why many organizations have chosen to transition to a home-based workforce. Even in the wedding and event industry, employees can coordinate tasks by integrating their workday into the cloud and syncing their calendars and appointment schedulers with the CRM. 

True Client Pro is borne of the desire to have a single, seamless platform with all the client data and ideas available from one location at the touch of a button. All types of organizations could benefit from this innovative CRM software, including hair and makeup artists, florists, venue managers, painters, jewelers, and more.

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