How To Create A Boutonniere Recipe With Flower Math

How to create a boutonniere recipe with flower math? We will share an example of the boutonnier recipe and discuss the flowers, hard goods, labor, and a brief process on how to create it. Many florists overlook calculating the boutonnier floral recipe due to the number of minimal items needed for greens and, many times, […]

How to save wedding florists time as a Solopreneur in the Floral and Events Industry

Wedding florist time: As a solopreneur in the floral and events industry, you are likely juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. You may be creating floral arrangements, meeting with clients, managing your finances, and marketing your business simultaneously. This can be overwhelming… Finding ways to save time and increase efficiency is essential. Fortunately, various software solutions can […]

Best Stage For Ranunculus To Be Harvested For Long Life

When should you harvest ranunculus for a long life? The best stage is learned from first-hand experience and flower farmers who came before us. When ranunculus are harvested at the best stage, they have a long vase life and become the star of the floral arrangement. Knowing the best stage at which the ranunculus should […]

How To Maximize Harvested Cut Flowers Vase Life

Learn How To Harvest Cut Flowers For Maximizing Vase Life

To have Harvested cut flowers from your garden adds a personal touch to your floral arrangements for wedding and event design. Having flowers from one’s garden is a rewarding and joyful experience while maximizing the vase life of flowers. Mastering the art of harvesting cut flowers ensures maximum freshness and longevity while reducing unnecessary shipping […]

The Top Red Rose Varieties for Wedding Bouquet Designs

Red Garden Rose Varieties In Wedding Designs

Are you comparing different red rose varieties for your next floral arrangement? Florists love red roses for wedding bouquet designs, so let’s explore their usage in weddings. Holidays are the most profitable days for retail and event florists. In this blog, we will discuss the floral industry’s most known and used red rose varieties, starting […]

Wedding Florist Contract For A Successful Floral Business

Wedding Florist Contract To For Floral Business Owner

A legal wedding florist contract protects you and guarantees your successful business will continue to bloom; it is crucial for any entrepreneur. While creativity is important, establishing strong business foundations should take priority. Safeguarding your business interests is among the initial steps any business owner should take. As a wedding florist, your skill is pivotal […]

Floral Recipe And Bouquet Design Step-By-Step Guide

Guide To Floral Recipe And Bouquet Design

Floral recipe and bouquet design step-by-step guide: we will explore creating a captivating floral bouquet from scratch, providing you with a comprehensive “floral recipe” to help you design a masterpiece. Whether you’re an aspiring florist or a DIY enthusiast, this guide will help you unlock the secrets to crafting a mesmerizing bouquet that will leave […]

How To Use Foliage Greenery In Floral Design

Guide To Foliage and Greens Used In Floral Design

Using foliage greenery in floral design can be profitable when you include the correct floral markup. Floral design is an art form that involves the arrangement of flowers, greens, and various elements to create beautiful and visually pleasing compositions. While flowers are undoubtedly the stars of the show, foliage greens play a vital supporting role […]

Designing Floral Bouquet Process For A Florist

Designing Floral Bouquet Process For A Florist

Designing a floral bouquet process for a florist can differ for all floral entrepreneurs. Still, the basics stay the same—the intake process to execute the design and deliver the bouquet to the client. Start Designing a Floral Bouquet With the Lead’s Details How can you start the process when the client says I am getting […]

Pricing for New Floral Designs and Styles

Floral Production Reports Pull List, Prep List, Flower Order List, Floral Recipe Worksheet

Pricing for new floral designs and styles in the floral industry can be a lot to digest as you enter the floral industry. When you enter the floral industry, various scenarios will come up that you need to price. You will come across various clients who want unique designs and installations at unique venues in […]

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