Designing Floral Bouquet Process For A Florist

Designing Floral Bouquet Process For A Florist

Designing a floral bouquet process for a florist can differ for all floral entrepreneurs. Still, the basics stay the same—the intake process to execute the design and deliver the bouquet to the client. Designing a Floral Bouquet Starts With the lead How can you start the process when the client says I am getting married […]

Pricing for New Floral Designs and Styles

Floral Production Reports Pull List, Prep List, Flower Order List, Floral Recipe Worksheet

Pricing for new floral designs and styles in the floral industry can be a lot to digest as you enter the floral industry. When you enter the floral industry, various scenarios will come up that you need to price. You will come across various clients who want unique designs and installations at unique venues in […]

Benefits of Floral Design Software

Floral Design Software Benefits

Floral design software has endless benefits. The right floral software helps create floral recipes more accurately and efficiently. Not only it saves time, but it can also save you a lot of money. How about not losing profit due to the overage of flowers? Creating floral orders with the built-in functionality of floral design software […]

Top 10 Tools for Wedding Planners!

Planning a wedding takes a lot of effort, time, and money to accomplish tasks orderly. Without proper preparation, it’s challenging to meet the client’s expectations. Using tools for wedding planners comes with more advantages. These include increased productivity, more organized planning, and increased profit. Therefore, creating a schedule and checklist based on your client’s personalized […]

12 Reasons Why True Client Pro is the Florist CRM

True Client Pro is an all-in CRM that helps wedding professionals create contracts, proposals, invoices, and even floral recipes quickly and effortlessly. (Blurb) 12 Solid Reasons Why Wedding Florists Need True Client Pro 12. Admin Made Easy with True Client Pro Not all business owners are great at admin, and it’s likely the last thing […]

Is It Worth Investing in a CRM for Your Wedding Business?


Do you sometimes find it taxing how all of the moving parts depend on your good judgment, lest things go downhill to an otherwise perfectly planned wedding? As a wedding planner, the moment your responsibilities start weighing you down instead of sparking you up with passion, you obviously need external help. This is where a […]

Are You Ready to Invest in a Wedding Planning Software?


Wedding bells are just around the corner. Your clients could feel the excitement, fear, and happiness mixing all together. Now there you are, the couple’s ultimate savior — their wedding planner.  As a wedding planner, you have the upper hand to ensure success for the event. Crafting a perfect fuss-free wedding may not be as […]

Planning a Wedding in Two Months? Here’s the Wedding Planner Checklist

Planning a Wedding in Two Months? Here's the Wedding Planner Checklist for You!

Planning for your client’s wedding, whether you have two years or three months to do it, can be stressful. You sit down with your clients as they make endless lists in their heads (or on a scrap of paper) and expect you to be their genie-in-the-bottle who works magic into their big day. It can […]

8 Reasons Google Drive is Perfect for Your Start-Up Wedding Planning Business

So you’ve recently started a wedding planning business. Congratulations! By now, you must be starting to discover how much safekeeping you would need to keep things organized. You definitely need a way to keep track of all your important files. At the same time, let’s face it. Finances can be tight when you’re new in […]