Being a Florist in the Wedding Industry

Having owned and operated a retail flower shop, I decided to venture into the wedding industry, and there I found the vast differences between being a Florist in a retail flower shop and being one in the wedding industry. As a retail flower shop owner, the process is straightforward and simple. In the wedding industry, one gets an inquiry that should be responded to rapidly, and it can be quite overwhelming if you haven’t got a system in place to compile all relevant data.

A florist must have access to all data and details to perform their work perfectly. Information such as location, venue, date, number of guests just to name a few. It is also important to know if the couples will be utilizing a vision board. 

Step by Step Process

  • One major consideration is a client’s budget and whether you can create a masterpiece and still stay within the client’s means. This is why a discovery call is a good idea to get to know your clients better and build a good relationship with them. This call should take 15-30 minutes.
  • The creation of proposals is so important to consider and also developing contracts, you want to ensure that the contract is legal and updated and sent to the client in a timely manner to be signed and returned.
  • Setting up a way to receive payments from the client with efficiency and ease is vital. After getting the client, it is important to inform your team of the impending task. Communicating with the suppliers is also important since you need to purchase the products that you will require in advance.
  • Ensure that you put into consideration the cost of the event and the transportation of the commodities. Asking the clients if they require a COI is important since knowing in advance gives you time to prepare adequately.
  • Meeting the photographers is also key since you will work with them in the entire process; therefore understanding them is key to the success of the event. Check the rental items in advance to ensure that they are in good condition.
  • It is also important to confirm the number of tables and the details of everything with the bride.

So why True Client Pro CRM

That is why I use True Client Pro CRM which is necessary for compiling the information from each client. All of this information can be gathered using True Client Pro’s contact form or manually which is another benefit of the tool. True Client Pro platform can be used to automate emails and ensure the proposals and contracts are all in one place and streamlining payments. True Client Pro works by ultimately simplifying your work to ensure all data and processes are in one place for you to access, easing pressure and reducing stress. I cannot recommend it enough.

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