6 Tips for Effective Communication With Your Team

Running a business requires managers to have the respect of their team members. Unfortunately, most managers, especially new ones, face challenges from workers who question their authority. Managers can learn the following communication techniques that can enhance their command and change employees’ perceptions of management.

Here are 6 tips to ensure effective communication within your teams:

  • Managers should use statements instead of questions. Most managers phrase their instructions as questions to avoid being perceived as dictatorial. Despite questions seeming less confrontational than direct orders, they trigger excuses from the respondents. Stating instructions directly asserts authority in the orders and minimizes the chances of pushback.
  • Managers should maintain confidence in their speech. Speaking with authority at the end of every statement conveys authority in the orders. Managers need to maintain or raise their voices slightly towards the end of the sentence. Mumbling, at the end of the sentence, demonstrates uncertainty, which diminishes confidence from the respondents.
  • Managers should give clear directives rather than suggestions. Managers try to balance between being strict enough to be acknowledged and being polite enough to be approachable.
  • Providing feedback is important. If team members don’t know they are not doing a good job how can they get better? Also, accepting feedback is equally important. Creating an open atmosphere for constructive feedback is great for improving team relationships.
  • Managers also need to add deadlines to optimize their instructions. Timeless instructions are vague, and employees may reluctantly respond to them. Attaching a deadline to the instructions emphasizes urgency in the requests.
  • Technology may also enhance managerial communications. Managers need to integrate a software like True Client Pro in their operation. This software helps managers to establish, manage, and customize tasks, goals, and to-do lists all in one place. The platform also enables the managers to oversee their business operations at all times and increase efficiency for their clients.

True Client Pro optimizes the manager’s instructions and project management by helping them separately and evaluate inquiries, systemize repetitive tasks, and avoid mixing of diverse software platforms, finances, and paperwork. Find out more here about how True Client Pro could support your business: True Client Pro | CRM Built For Small Business Growth

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