True Client Pro for the Flower Industry

True Client Pro for the Flower Industry

Have a flower business that’s increasingly becoming harder to manage? Do you get flabbergasted when presented with a query? Have no clue how to present a proposal to a client? Does it take you too long to draft an appealing proposal? 

When it comes to managing a floral business, it’s sometimes difficult to present clients with an exact price of the arrangements, especially if the requirements are a little vague. During wedding season, if a bride contacts you via The Knot, Wedding Wire or Yelp, inquiring about the price of your services, what will you say – given that you have absolutely no idea what she wants in the first place. Your estimate might be too high or too low, and this inefficiency can have dire results on your business, particularly if you start losing clients. 

There is a range of factors that play a role in influencing the quote for a wedding. They include:

  • Size of the event and the number of guests invited
  • Delivery or on-site arrangements
  • Number of tables and chairs
  • Centerpieces
  • The type and amount of flowers
  • Budget

Once you’ve successfully managed to gather all this information – either via meetings, texts, forms or emails, the next step is creating a proposal . 

That is, having all the material in one place so it’s easier to organize and follow. Most floral companies rely on excel sheets and fill them up manually, increasing the probability of error and also consuming a lot of time that you can spend designing plans for the event.

This is where True Client Pro comes in. True Client Pro is a software designed specifically to help you improve the accuracy and the efficiency of your business processes. 

The platform comes with a detailed form that contains all the specifications given by the client. From color schemes, number of guests, event dates, services required and the items that the clients want, it caters to everything and anything the customer might ask for. Once the form is submitted by the client, both the parties can make edits, add, or modify the details for better results. It also allows the client to add inspirational photos and Pinterest links for vision or mood boards. 

While the client specifies the requirements, the florist is actually responsible for turning the ideas to reality. Hence, the platform automatically populates the florist’s side with the details provided by the customer, saving him/her a lot of time. The business owner can then access their image library, showcase their works, the equipment and the items available through the software. This can save a great deal of time for both parties as the need to coordinate on email, texts, phone calls or by physical meetings, is completely eliminated. One all the information is gathered; the business owner can publish the proposal which will be visible on the client’s portal. 

The platform lets you collect the following information from prospective clients without any hassle:

  • Number of guests

Knowing the number of guests is important for the florist to come up with an estimated cost of personal flowers. For example, the bridesmaids bouquets can get expensive if the number is high, however, if you double them as centerpieces, you can significantly cut down the costs. Same goes for groomsmen and their boutonnieres. 

  • Colors

The color scheme of your wedding is also important for the florist to choose appropriate flowers for the decorations.  

  • Number of tables

Depending on the number of guests and the table size, you can specify the number of tables you want, and the floral arrangements you’d like on them.

  • Budget

Budget rests at the top of the list as all the other factors are greatly dependent on it. You can design your theme and select appropriate equipment and flowers that will fit perfectly in your budget.

With this simple and easy to use platform, you can certainly drive up the overall efficiency and productivity of your floral business. Offering a free trial for 3 months, coupled with unlimited users, clients and projects, True Client Pro lets you test the waters before making a decision. The packages are affordable given the features they entail. The basic package starts at $39 per month, and the premium package is offered at $79 per month.