Is Email Marketing Worth Investing In

Is Email Marketing Worth Investing In

Email marketing is known for being the most efficient channel of marketing. And this statement is not just an opinion; it is proven by evidence. This form of marketing has continued to reign, far surpassing SEO, social media, and other popular channels. Many may choose to believe that email marketing is dead, but that is far from the truth.

In partnership with Get Response, Smart Insight conducted research as recently as 2018, and the data showed that email marketing was still ranked as the most efficient marketing channel by the top experts in the industry.

The reason this may be so hard to believe because with the advancement of new technologies, how can a decades-old technique still be considered so effective.

This is most likely because email is more populated when compared to other platforms such as social media and search engines. Statista reported in 2017 that out of all the adult users on the internet, 85% of them were on email.

This is important considering that this number overcomes search engines by 15% and social media by 22%. You might think that these are small numbers, but in the marketing industry, they are very significant.

While you still may not be sure if email marketing is right for your business, consider this:

Every businesses’ goals are different. Whether it is brand awareness that you’re seeking, more sales, or an increase of traffic to your site, email marketing can be used for these purposes and more. While you are crafting your email marketing plan, keep in mind to tailor your strategy so that they may emulate your goals.

It is proven that the investment into email marketing is worth it; a study conducted by VB Insights showed for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return was about $40. Additionally, people who have purchased products or services that have been marketed through email spend 138% more when compared to people who purchased without.

After reading this, you most likely want to implement email marketing in your business in some form. However, many people don’t know where to start. Small businesses, startups, and freelancers struggle the most because most do not have the funds to pour money into marketing. The upkeep of your marketing strategy can make this process even more stressful.

This is one of the reasons True Client Pro was created. We know you work hard for every dollar your business makes, and we value your time and money. This is why we have created a system in which you can produce and track email campaigns in a low-cost solution to something that can cost thousands of dollars. Managing is easy, and you are given the ability to track all your email recipients and potential leads.

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