Frequently asked questions

Training & Support

  1. Can I access my account using a mobile device and tablet?
    Yes, you can access your account using any mobile device.
  2. Can I access my account using an app?
    True Client Pro does not have an app at this time. Our programmers are hard at work creating an app for our clients.
  3. Can I change the Customizable Fields to suit my company?

    Yes, True Client Pro offers the chance to edit Customizable Fields fields to suit your business needs. Just click on Customizable Fields on the left side menu.
  4. Do you offer training?

    We offer training videos on the Resources page. You can also contact our team for one-on-one training options.
  5. Do you provide contract templates?

    Check out our Resources page for a link to purchase premade contract templates.
  6. What format do my photos and documents need to be in to upload?

    All photos and documents should be in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format.
  7. What kind of support is included with my subscription?

    Our team is ready to help with any questions you may have. We also have tutorial videos available to answer questions on our Resources page.
  8. How do I share suggestions for new features?

    Have suggestions? We would love to hear them and any other feedback you can provide. Simply email us at
  9. How often is True Client Pro updated?

    True Client Pro is updated twice a month and every time a new feature is deployed.
  10. Do I have to add Customizable Fields?

    True Client Pro offers preset Customizable Fields to get you started or you can add your own. Check out our tutorial on the Resources page.
  11. Do I get help with setting up Customizable Fields?

    True Client Pro offers tutorials on setting up Customizable Fields. If you require additional assistance setting up Customizable Fields, please contact us and one of our team members can assist.
  12. How do you backup my company’s information?

    All client and customer information is backed up daily on our Amazon Cloud service.
  13. What happens if your service is down?

    Theis hasn’t happened yet but if it should happen, our programmers will be hard at work to get it up and running for our users.
  14. Can I upload my client/customer information using Excel?

    Yes, as a business owner you have the ability to import and export data. Simply download a sample of the Excel file, enter your data and upload the information to your account.
  15. Does True Client Pro offer payment collection options?

    Yes, you have the option to connect your PayPal Me link or you can sign up for Converge.
  16. Can I have someone train my staff on the program?

    We offer a variety of training videos on our Resources page. If you would like a member of the True Client Pro team to train your staff, please contact us at with your request.
  17. How can I contact the team at True Client Pro?

    To contact our team, please email us at or give us a call at (646) 470-3473.
  18. Do I need to install any software?

    True Client Pro is cloud based so you do not need to install software. You can access your account from anywhere anytime.
  19. Can I control what my team has access to on True Client Pro?

    You can allow your team members one of five different levels of access to your account.
  20. Are flower types pre-loaded or do we need to enter them?

    No, it is not pre-loaded but if you have the list you can upload it yourself with the template given. We can also assist you with that step when you sign up for your free trial.
  21. Can I turn on email notification on a client by client basis?

    Yes, you can change the email setting in each client profile. When adding or updating a client there is a switch in the Communication Detail section of the profile that you can flip to choose whether you want email notifications to be sent.


  1. Can I downgrade to basic?

    If you would like to downgrade your package, just log-in to your account and click the Subscribed label to access your account settings. You will need to cancel your existing subscription and login again to resubscribe. You will not lose your data.
  2. I’m not sure if True Client Pro is right for me. Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes, True Client Pro offers a 3-month trial to all of our clients.
  3. Can I get started with True Client Pro today?

    Yes, simply sign up by clicking here: You can also contact our team to help you set up your company.
  4. Can I upgrade to premium?

    If you would like to upgrade your service to our premium package, just log into your account and click the Subscribed label to access your account settings. Click upgrade your account and follow the prompts.
  5. Do you have a referral program?

    Yes, please contact us at for a referral code.
  6. Do you have monthly and annual billing options?

    Yes, when you sign up with True Client Pro, you can select which payment option you prefer.
  7. Do you offer refunds if I cancel before the end of my contract?

    Please see our cancellation policy on our Resources page for more information.
  8. How many leads & clients am I able to add to my account?

    True Client Pro offers unlimited client and project management.
  9. Is this meant for only Florist?

    No, True Client Pro can work for any company and industry. The Premiunm package works for companys with inventory management and recipe building features for industries such as florists, bakers, rental companies. While the Basic package works for any company and industry who needs to manage their clients, invoices, and payments.
  10. What does the free trial include?

    The free trial includes full access of either the basic or premium services for three months unless a special promotion has been used.
  11. What is the difference between basic and premium access?

    Premium access gives you all the features of basic plus recipe, inventory and report management. Click here for a list of all features.
  12. What is the next step when my trial ends?

    When your free trial period ends, your card will automatically be charged by PayPal. You must cancel before the end of the trial to avoid fees.
  13. What are True Client Pro plans and pricing?

    True Client Pro offers two types of packages: Basic and Premium. You can sign up for either package on a monthly or annual basis. For full information please visit our Pricing page on the website.
  14. What is True Client Pro’s Monthly fee ?

    For a Basic package, the fee is $49/month and for the Premium package, the fee is $99/month.
  15. What is True Client Pro’s Annual Fee?

    For a Basic package is $468/annually (savings of $120) and the Premium package is $948/annually (savings of $240).
  16. Are there any discounts available?

    All clients get a 3-month trial automatically. Throughout the year, we run promotions. To get access to the lastest promotion, sign up today for our newsletter.
  17. Can I cancel at any time?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please see our Cancellation Policy listed on the Resources page.
  18. Do I have to pick and pay for individual feature packages?

    You must select either Basic or Premium package when you sign up. You cannot pick individual features.
  19. What if I have multiple businesses?

    At this time, we can only accomadate one business for each account. Contact us should you need an additional business.
  20. How do I redeem a special offer or coupon code?

    To redeem a special offer and/or coupon code just enter the promotional code during the Paypal checkout.
  21. Can an international company sign up?

    At this time, True Client Pro is only being offerred in English, as long as you pay via PayPal in US Dollars and you’re not accepting client payments through True Client Pro, anyone will be able to sign up.


  1. Can I send emails through True Client Pro?

    While you are not able to send emails through True Client Pro, you are able to communciate with your clients via the client portal which means less clutter in your inbox.
  2. How do I turn off the email notification function?

    Auto generated email notifictaions can be controlled by each client on the Client Details page. To turn them off for the entire company, click on Company Profile on the left side menu, scroll down to the middle of the page where you will find a checkbox that says “Click here to turn on Email notifications” – Click to turn on the notifications and leave blank to turn off the notifications.
  3. Why am I not getting confirmation emails?

    Make sure you turn on your email notifications and check your clutter and junk folders. Still not receiving them? Contact us at for more support.
  4. Will our clients/leads be solicited or marketed by True Client Pro or creators?

    At True Client Pro, our client’s privacy is of utmost importance to us. We do not share or sell any information with outside marketing services and we do not solicit to our client’s customers.


  1. How can I change my password?

    When logged in to your account, click on the settings icon and select the “Change Password” option.
  2. How do I cancel my account?

    If you would like to cancel your account, log into your account and click the Subscribed label to access your account settings. Click Cancel Subscription and follow the prompts.
  3. How many team members can I add?

    True Client Pro offers unlimited staff members.
  4. What if I forgot my password?

    Click on “forgot password” on the log in page and follow the prompts.