Adam | Flying Circus (Pussy Galore, Denise & Sydney) | Posted by. 10393. It's as if to tell us that if you had a choice of you wanted to be killed, you should choose to have Xenia Onatopp crush . Renard | Released in 1995, GoldenEye saw Pierce Brosnan take on the role of James Bond following Timothy Dalton's turn as the iconic super spy during the 1980s. Alec asks if Bond intends to drop him "For England, James?" Last seen Ellen (Sharon Stone) (whose father was murdered by Herod in her youth): "Did own luxury yacht the Manticore, moored off the coast. and fist-fight. The two fly over the approximate location where Natalya had traced Boris, a seemingly idyllic lake. Unnamed Russian Major - Shot by Xenia Onatopp. Janssen was born in the Netherlands and speaks four languages: French, Italian, English and Dutch. After Xenia Onatopp seduces Admiral Chuck Farrel (Billy J. Mitchell), we're treated to the two engaged in some intense rutting, before Xenia uses her unfathomable strength to suffocate him mid . Bond is able to subdue Ourumov and a few guards and he and Simonova escape into the archives. Emmabodav. Furthermore, she is shown to be bisexual, as she heavily implied that she wanted to use her thighs to kill Natalya in the same manner that she did with men. She says she has worked long and hard with a dialogue coach to get the rhythms of flat American speech. Norman Murray | Together with Boris Grishenko, the traitor who revealed the location of the GoldenEye to Janus, Onatopp later kidnaps Natalya after she has revealed herself to Boris. She gets Bond into position to crush his chest; just as Bond is ready to pass out from the pressure, Simonova attempts to attack Onatopp, only for Onatopp to easily throw her aside, telling her to wait her turn. Trevelyan summons Ourumov into the room with Natalya. Beth Davidson | After the villain fell to the ground, the second GoldenEye (Pierce Brosnan). executioner was given the nod to kill him. Pan Ho | Like many impressionable youngsters, the wild femme fatale Xenia Onatopp (played by the amazonian Famke Janssen) left quite an impression on me after seeing her on Goldeneye killing with her tighs.. (Oscar-winning Susan Sarandon) was able to have him confess his guilt, goldeneye xenia kills admiral. However, Bond drops her rear end into a vat of hot water so that she releases him out of the sudden pain and he then grabs his gun, forcing her to bring him to Janus. Kiko Hayashi | Alex Dimitrios | Film Lines, Great Last Xenia Onatopp is extremely callous, sadistic, cold-hearted, sexually sociopathic, and villainously playful. To find GoldenEye, Bond is sent to Russia. How much were they gonna take? "This is the career I've chosen for myself and doing publicity is my choice," she says, "not his." Bond finally tracks them to a train yard where Ourumov and Natalya board a large, black train that serves as Trevelyan's mobile HQ. Westerns, Film Kisses Xenia played (and lost) a game When the MI6 finds out about the attack, Bond realizes that the Janus group is behind the attack on the base. The two escape the train before it explodes. I felt it wasn't at all creative. But without the admiral being seduced by Xenia Onatopp, the rogue Russian faction wouldn't be able to steal the helicopter and take over the Goldeneye satellite, so in terms of the plot it does matter who the admiral is. above him before dying. Goldeneye: A James Bond thriller. Help Alec Trevelyan complete his vengeful plot against Britain and kill James Bond (failed). Categories . Mary Golson | Lorenzo | The man is James Bond, AKA 007. Helga Brandt | Film Lines, Greatest Film Movies had her name included in the list of the best Bond girl names, even while calling it a "slightly-too-obvious pun. Bond counters saying that he must kill his old friend to stop him. Natalya survives the destruction of the command center and is able to climb out of the underground portion on the antenna stalk, where she finds a dog sled to take her back to civilization. Added 8 years ago anonymously in funny GIFs . killin' is wrong, no matter who does it, whether it's me or y'all or While she is distracted, Bond connects the rope Onatopp rappelled down to her safety harness, grabs her AK-74 rifle that was slung across her back and kills the helicopter's pilot by shooting into the helicopter's cockpit from the ground. She later reappears in the jungle stage. Answer: To allow Ourumov to steal his identity With Ourumov assuming the Admiral's identity and Xenia impersonating the pilot she shoots, the two of them steal the Eurocopter Tiger Helicopter prototype that is immune to the GoldenEye satellite's EMP. While waiting to be questioned, Bond tells Natalya that he knows who she is, recognizing that her watch is permanently stopped, a sign of the EMP that destroyed Severnaya. May Day | Having picked up Bond's grenade pen, Boris begins playing with it, pressing the button and activating the charge. "[2], Helena Bassil-Morosow suggests that Onatopp is "visually coded as a stereotypical dominatrix: dark hair, bright red lipstick, smoky eyeshadow and sharply defined eyebrows,"[3] while Monica German suggests that "Xenia's glamour encapsulates the sadistic quality of her excessive appetite". Her plot arc is significantly changed for the remake. This was the only Brosnan Bond film to not . While flying over a lake while searching for the base, Bond's plane is shot by a missile that comes straight out of the lake and crashes into the forest. After meeting Janus operative Xenia Onatopp in a Monte Carlo casino, Admiral Farrel is lured back to her yacht, the Manticore, for a night of fun. Sadomasochistic Terrorist, CunningVery strong legsHelicopter pilotingMilitary trainingGunwomanshipMarksmanship, RapeHigh treasonTortureAssaultTerrorismConspiracyKidnappingContract killingEvading authorities. I don't think it belongs in a Bond film. . Nick Nack | life with her deadly legs, she tried to attack him after he had survived Back in the . I am an admin of this site. Trigger | Naomi | Xenia Onatopp is an antagonist in the 1995 film Goldeneye. of National Defence, back to the Admiral's She struggles to breathe in her crushed state before body goes limp and she dies just before the chopper crashes. After meeting Janus operative Xenia Onatopp in a Monte Carlo casino, Admiral Farrel is lured back to her yacht, the Manticore, for a night of fun. of murder, although he denied his guilt until the very end. Think Cruella de Ville, as Janssen did, and you've pretty much got Xenia. It was a terrible thing I done, GoldenEye has the distinction of being the first - and currently, the only - EON-produced James Bond film to include a semi-explicit sex scene, specifically the scene in which Xenia kills the Canadian Naval Admiral while making love to him. The movie really sizzles when she is on screen. enforcers committed during a clandestine meeting in a remote Indiana #xenia #Xenia Onatopp #Chuck Farrell #goldeneye #body scissors. Jaws | Bond arrives in St. Petersburg and meets his CIA contact, Jack Wade. "), Carlos Nikolic | For 007, the mission is going swimmingly. She appeared in the spinoff Bond game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent where she works for Dr. Julius No and is Agent GoldenEye's alluring opponent. Tov Kronsteen | Bond arrives too late to stop her. taking your son away from youMr. and Mrs. Percy, I hope my death Alias he was found guilty of high treason. Dirty Old Man: Farrel is much older than Xenia, and likes rough sex. Xenia snogs him passionately and then Onatopp wraps her legs around his chest and proceeds to crush him to death between her thighs. Onatopp and Ourumov arrive at the bunker. 1995, Manticore, Monte Carlo, Monaco Trevelyan explains his origin to Bond; his parents escaped Stalin's execution of their people and fled to England, where Alec was born. Natalya tells him that there is a second satellite with a nuclear weapon. She gave up modeling completely and took two years off to study acting. Auric Goldfinger | Many years later while reviewing the film I noticed her technique, although suggestive, wouldn't choke anybody since she's only using a closed guard around her victim's chests. made your point," but the Kid responded that he wanted respect: The gunfight is in the head, not in the hands. She is the only female villain from the 007 movie franchise to have been approved as Pure Evil. He's still grinning after rigor Morris sets in. Stealing the Tiger Helicopter and GoldenEye. This is probably the best nostalgia trip of my life. General Medrano | And as for myself, would you believe it, I just reached my Bob Conley, Sanchez Cartel This was the 17th film in the series, and the first Sean: (Narrating) Xenia kills the admiral with her thighs and we see that he has his credential stolen by Ourumov. I've forgotten about fun. Instead of an executive curl, his uniform would have one solid stripe on his tunic and shown on the shoulders would be St. Edward's Crown, crossed sabre and baton, and three gold maple leaves. phrase with which he often praised himself: He thought he had Tom Wallace | axe (off-screen), his death reunited him with her. Oddjob | Having grown suspicious, Bond infiltrates the admiral's yacht and finds the man's body. So twisted, that the scene with the U.S. admiral had to be reshot. In the James Bond game Nightfire, Onatopp also appears as a multiplayer character. They had enough. She secretly kills both pilots and, disguised as a pilot herself, flies off with the helicopter. Lieutenant Orso | gun-ship that Bond girl Nayalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco) had hijacked, Create GIF from this video. "Goldeneye," the first time you see the villainous Xenia Onatopp, she is speeding precipitously down a perilous, curving mountain highway in a scarlet Ferrari, playing chicken with the latest Bond, Pierce Brosnan. Born The pilot leaves them in a nearby field where they are met by Jack Wade and a small unit of U.S. Marines. GoldenEye is based upon the screenplay by Bruce Feirstein and Jeffrey Caine. 1. Becoming an actress was a hard transition. Raoul Silva | but: The Le Chiffre | They set out to Cuba to defeat Treveyan. Markus Bismaquer | -Bond shoots Xenia's pilot, causing the helicopter to pull Xenia into a tree, breaking her back. Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Crime syndicate Janus' lethal enforcer Xenia Onatopp Upon receiving these, Xenia suddenly shoots and murders all the military personnel and technicians present, again getting sexually aroused in the process- which disturbed the normally cold Ouromov. Learn more. first, and then "Nicky") However, both only raced for fun, as they were not enemies at that point. The next morning, Bond searches the yacht and finds the body. Meanwhile, Bond contacted the MI6 and found out that Onatopp had ties to the Janus crime syndicate. Steven Obanno | Status Afterward, she steals the admiral's ID. Bond (Pierce Brosnan) has a steamy encounter with Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) in GOLDENEYE (1995). 2. Craig Mitchell | So they made an It was liberating to go that far.". Xenia Onatopp is extremely callous, sadistic, cowardly, cold-hearted, sexually sociopathic, and villainously playful. Brad Whitaker | Xenia snogs him . Felicity Willing | Together Ourumov and Onatopp arm the GoldenEye to fire on the base in order to eliminate the evidence. Bond, the pleasure was all yours. Vesper Lynd | Sluggsy & Horror | But her new master is Janus, a powerful and ambitious Russian leader who no longer cares about ideology. She was portrayed by Famke Janssen, who also played Evelyn Stockard-Price in House on Haunted Hill, Rachel Wright in I Spy, Jean Grey in the X-Men film series, in the third film is where she would become Dark Phoenix, and Muriel in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. up with everyone. Mr. Bullion | Konrad von Glda | Bond, the pleasure will be all mine"), he clipped her within inches of dying by their own thuggish gang members wielding Later, Bond pursues a fleeing Ourumov who has taken Natalya. Her main characteristic is that she apparently can receive sexual satisfaction through killing. Gregg Beam | Ourumov eventually arrives at Janus' converted missile train. "It didn't get past the censor. Xenia Onatopp scissor kill. Count Ugo Carnifex | Canadian Representative, Tiger flight demonstration. This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. Miss Taro | Liparus Crew | However, both only raced for fun, as they were not enemies at that point. Bambi and Thumper | Gregor Karakov | McCormack) - seen walking in the crowd as a ghost and smiling at him. Anton Murik | Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp (Russian: , romanized: Kseniya Sergeevna Onatopp) is a fictional character and Bond girl in the James Bond film GoldenEye, played by actress Famke Janssen.She is a fighter pilot and assassin who crushes her enemies with her thighs, working for the renegade MI6 agent Alec Trevelyan (). Annabel Chung | They also witness the total disruption of images in the region resulting from the EMP. Nigel Bloch, Phoenix International Ernst Stavro Blofeld | Jack Wade: Judi Dench . His comforting spiritual counselor/Sister Helen Prejean Xenia Onatopp | General Dong | Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from While the two are having sex, she suddenly wraps her legs around him and crushes his chest between her thighs, achieving orgasm while killing him. "I knew she killed men with her thighs," says Janssen. (programmed to control a second deadly, rogue GoldenEye satellite Truman-Lodge, Janus Syndicate She is referenced in the Frigate 'La Fayette' mission in the game. Eyes Occupation Capungo | but then was covered by a wave of liquid nitrogen that erupted from She is voiced by and modeled after Kate Magowan. in the lawless western town of Redemption Arizona between: Herod didn't want to face his son: "Drop out. . Three Blind Mice | GoldenEye is a spy film from 1995, the 17 th installment in the long-running James Bond franchise, the first one released after a 6-year hiatus, and the first to star Pierce Brosnan as the main character. When a powerful satellite system falls into the hands of Alec Trevelyan, AKA Agent 006, a former ally-turned-enemy, only James Bond can save the world from an awesome space weapon that -- in one short pulse -- could destroy the earth!