Communication Tips for a Small Business Owner

Be Open to Feedback:

If you are a new small business owner, be open to all sorts of feedback. Effective listening is an essential skill. Especially listening to your customer base. Customers won’t always be forthcoming with feedback so you may need to make the effort to get feedback from them with requests and/or incentives. When you do get feedback, give it extra attention. Customers are the audience that directly affects your business. 

Of course, you should listen to your business partners, friends, and family as well. You are going to make some mistakes along the way. Be open to using the knowledge and expertise of others to your advantage. Use this feedback to build the best business you can. 

Be Honest and Direct:

Being upfront and communicating in a direct way are important skills to have in most areas. Even more so as a business owner. You are the leader after all and will need to be decisive and make strong decisions. Make your expectations clear with your employees. This way everyone understands what needs to be done to deliver the best results. 

Also, be honest and direct with customers. Don’t over exaggerate what you offer, and be clear about what you deliver. By being honest and delivering on your word, you’ll develop a stronger relationship with customers. This will be key to getting regular business and repeat clients. Driving the success of your business. Even when the news is bad, it is better to be upfront with the issues you are facing. 

Be Quick to Respond: 

Customers will sometimes just want to check-in. Either for a progress update, question, or another opportunity. Always stay responsive and don’t slack off on your emails, messages, and phone calls. A quick response, even a short one, can go a long way. It shows the customer you care and establishes credibility early on. 

At the same time, it separates you from the competition. So, always respond ASAP when you get the chance. It will help you maintain business and grow faster.