5 Things Wedding Professionals Need to Know Before Investing in a CRM 

5 Things Wedding Professionals Need to Know Before Investing in a CRM

So you’ve finally concluded that wedding CRM is a worthy investment. Hooray! I’m rooting for you  on this. But what kind of CRM do you need? Because much like wedding events, it’s not just anything for everyone. In this article, we’re gonna talk about YOUR BUSINESS. Buckle up because choosing the perfect wedding CRM may […]

Is It Worth Investing in a CRM for Your Wedding Business?


Do you sometimes find it taxing how all of the moving parts depend on your good judgment, lest things go downhill to an otherwise perfectly planned wedding? As a wedding planner, the moment your responsibilities start weighing you down instead of sparking you up with passion, you obviously need external help. This is where a […]

Are You Ready to Invest in a Wedding Planning Software?


Wedding bells are just around the corner. Your clients could feel the excitement, fear, and happiness mixing all together. Now there you are, the couple’s ultimate savior — their wedding planner.  As a wedding planner, you have the upper hand to ensure success for the event. Crafting a perfect fuss-free wedding may not be as […]

Planning a Wedding in Two Months? Here’s the Wedding Planner Checklist

Planning a Wedding in Two Months? Here's the Wedding Planner Checklist for You!

Planning for your client’s wedding, whether you have two years or three months to do it, can be stressful. You sit down with your clients as they make endless lists in their heads (or on a scrap of paper) and expect you to be their genie-in-the-bottle who works magic into their big day. It can […]

8 Reasons Google Drive is Perfect for Your Start-Up Wedding Planning Business

So you’ve recently started a wedding planning business. Congratulations! By now, you must be starting to discover how much safekeeping you would need to keep things organized. You definitely need a way to keep track of all your important files. At the same time, let’s face it. Finances can be tight when you’re new in […]

5 Free Marketing Strategies for Your Wedding Planning Business


Trying to promote your wedding planning service, but you don’t have enough network and net worth yet? It’s okay. I’ve been in the same boat, so I’m here to share with you simple, cost-free, and effective marketing strategies to get you clients right away. If you’re looking at promoting your wedding planning business on a […]

7 Ridiculous Requests Wedding Planners Often Get Asked

7 Ridiculous Requests Wedding Planners Often Get Asked

We’ve all been there. You’re planning a wedding, and the clientzilla starts making ridiculous requests. As if wedding planning is not hard enough, here come entitled couples and their families, making matters more complicated. Gracefully dealing with it while establishing a healthy boundary is an art every wedding planner needs to master. This blog post […]

7 Reasons the Wedding Industry Needs You


The wedding industry is a booming business with a market size of $57.9 billion in the U.S. alone for the year 2022.  Coming straight off from the Covid-19 Pandemic, when celebrations were limited for safety, post-pandemic couples and their families are eager to throw huge gatherings to celebrate love and life.  If you have always […]